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Our Story

MONTAJ TECHNO-PRODUCTS INC. has been sharing its expertise in automated gate and car park systems since its inception in 1994.  Being one of the pioneers in the field, Montaj contributed much in the development of the local market. As the sole distributor of NICE s.p.a., it introduced new technology in the field of gate and barrier automation.


Montaj prides itself for having designed a manually-operated access barrier which rates excellently in performance and aesthetics. Its introduction in the mid-1990’s influenced the market to move up from the crude access barriers commonly used at that time.


As part of its corporate objective, Montaj aims to continually expand its operations through the acquisition of other innovative and high-technology product lines, thus intensifying its position in the market.  With its expertise in access control and car park automation, Montaj shall continue to provide the local market with high-quality products and systems, coupled with improved technical and after-sales service. By doing so, the company likewise fulfills its commitment to contribute its modest share in upgrading the country’s standard in this growing sector.


With a clear vision on a constant growth and development in its line of business,

Montaj Techno-Products Inc. aims to maintain its image as


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