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walkykit 1024 a.png
walkykit 1024 b.png
walkykit 2024 a.png
Walkykit 2024
walkykit 2024 b.png

Other Specifications

walkykit c.png

Other Accessories


WALKYKIT​ 1024/2024

  • 1-channel INTI Transmitter  (any color)

  • 2-channel INTI Transmitter  (any color)

  • EPM Pair of Photocells medium

  • EPMB pair of Photocells medium BlueBus

  • EL Neutral flashing light 230v for preset control units

  • ELB Neutral flashing light 12v for preset control units

  • selector switch (for outdoors) SELE

  • radio-contr. digital key pad switch MOTXR

Remote control set consisting of:

  • 2 INTI 1-channel transmitter (any color)

  • 1 receiver flor 433.92Mhz SMXI

  • 1 directional aerial ABFKIT 433.92Mhz antena

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